I’m Angelica and I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a different industries which become a springboard I can use to take my skills to new heights.

Due to several working experiences and the strong commitment to professional and personal development, I am able to have an open mind for possibilities and learning new things.

I learned about working from home earlier in 2015 through my co-worker.

I am a Filipina currently working as an operator in a semiconductor company based in Taiwan.

A mother of two adorable kids, Urielle (13) and Zealou (7).

Leaving my family wasn’t that easy. But since I am the only one who is able to get a job, I need an income that would sustain the needs of my parents and kiddos. Working across the country was the only option I’ve got at that time.

It’s been almost 5 years………..

Five years of sacrificing, living on my own……

And the most sad thing is that I am allowed to have a vacation every year for just about 5 to 18 days (arrival and departure dates are included). I grab every chances to go back home and be with my kids.

The most devastating part…………..

Leaving them again…………

Be alone again.

2015 when I first heard about Jomar Hilario, Philippine Virtual Assistant Guru.

He was introduced by my co-worker. I started to research about VA, listen to his webinars, purchased his Virtual Careers book and even his seminars.

I was enlightened!

And asked myself, “why I didn’t met him before?”

But anyway, I still have a chance to do it now, right?!

As my knowledge gets broader and I am learning a lot of things, hearing many true-to-life stories and testimonials, and meeting people working on the same path, little by little I am able to cope up in a virtual world and build a new mindset but something inside of me pops-up.


I strongly believe there’s a right time for everything.

Everything happens for a reason.

Glad and grateful to have my coach, her name is Neri Marcos.

She is like an angel fell from heaven. She guides me in my doubtful moments, encourages me in my low times.

She understand what I am going through.

As days goes by, my self-awareness is improving. Brighter future is on its way.

I know it’s not as smooth as being like a 9-5 employee, but as the saying goes, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailors.”.

I look forward to sharing what I learn and I am excited to work as a general virtual assistant and become your trusted partner. We can work together to set ambitious new goals and plans to drive your business along a trajectory of strong performance.

With all that said, thank you so much for stopping by.

I ask you to join me in building a bold new future that we can be proud of.