Project management is vital for business success. is an Irish, privately owned, developer-led web-based company based in Cork, Ireland. creates task management and team collaboration software to support high-performance teams.

Inspired by Basecamp, as well as the basic design of Apple software, the iPhone, and other online applications, Coppinger and Mackey began work on the design of project management software that could be used by anyone, anywhere. By October of 2007, Teamwork Projects had been launched.


Teamwork Projects has evolved quite a bit since then, taking on its own flavor and character. Teamwork Projects has grown and changed through a long process of trial-and-error. The three products relate to project-management ( Teamwork Projects ), customer support ( Teamwork Desk ), and real-time internal communications ( Teamwork Chat ). was founded by Peter Coppinger and Dan Mackey in 2007. is used by over 370,000 companies worldwide (including Disney, Spotify and HP) and has over 2.4m active users.

Teamwork is truly intended to be the everyman’s project management software. Coppinger and Mackey have stated unequivocally:

“We want the software to be so easy-to-use, our own computer-shy mothers could use it.”

Teamwork Projects gather a fresh and smart design, mostly because the dashboard tabs are clear and easy to understand. Teamwork has always aimed for simplicity. In fact, the company’s official motto is “Project Management Made Easy.”

It’s perky while still being serious. They have solid colors that you can customize, assertive fonts, and good use of space. Visually oriented people will like the color coding that differentiates tasks in the Activity stream. This software really does have some great time and labor-saving features that make it quite easy to work with.

Teamwork Projects makes it easy to create a project, generate tasks and milestones related to it, and assign some of those tasks to other team members especially for small teams.

Simple, responsive and intuitive online project management app.

Teamwork Projects works great even when you’re away from your computer. The iPad app functions almost as well as the desktop version, and allows you to upload and view files, assign tasks, create or reply to messages, and a whole lot of other important things. The iPhone app is also impressively thorough, with many actual dashboard functions.

You can view and edit tasks and milestones, look at projects, and check your status updates or activity stream. You are even able to create new tasks and milestones.

Teamwork Projects is currently developing new features for the iPhone app, including notebook viewing, the ability to comment on milestones, and calendar events.

Assigning roles and changing users’ permission levels was all straightforward and easy to find what you need and easy to do. Teamwork Projects gets these kinds of little details right, and they keep people chugging along on their projects, rather than wasting time trying to remember what it was they were doing. Has a great design. Free account available for managing up to two projects.

Switching between views, such as a milestone overview and activity summary, is simple, with a top-line navigation showing Dashboard, Everything, Projects, Calendar, Statuses, and People. A sub-navigation bar in the Dashboard helps you drill down into one particular project to see an Overview, Tasks, Milestones, Messages, Files, Time, Notebooks, Risks, Links, Billing, and People.

The remaining storage space are shown in the sidebar of your dashboard. Incidentally, you can archive as many completed projects as you would like; archived projects do not count against your monthly GB space, and can be retrieved at any juncture.

Users find Teamwork Projects somehow complicated in terms of its compatibility with other programs and operating systems. Like for example, users have found that their Teamwork Projects account will only function after they have forced Internet Explorer 9 to run in non-compatibility mode. Internet Explorer 8 are unable to view Gantt charts.

In general, most subscribers agree this is one of the easiest project management programs to use effectively right away. Teamwork is in a state of constant development, which most users like very much; they know that the software continues to be perfected and changed as technology improves.

Learn more about Teamwork Projects, run through these tutorials.

What other online project management tools would you recommend and why?

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