Learn to Work in a Giant Space of Shareist

“Shareist is Evernote meets Hootsuite for publishers.”  – Scott Jangro

As a publisher you have a lot of things that needs to be done. So definitely, you are using all sorts of tools to do that like bookmarking apps, collaboration platforms, social media scheduling apps, blogging platforms, email service providers, and ebook creation tools.

Let me introduce to you Shareist.

Scott Jangro is the president and co-founder of Shareist, a content marketing platform service that helps individuals and teams efficiently create content, publish and share.


Scott explain how Shareist works during his interview with GeekCast, Jonathan Goodman.

Shareist is a “home base” for your content marketing activities. It is about basically three things: capturing ideas, sharing them and scheduling them in social media and turning them into bigger things like blog posts, newsletters and e-books. This can all be done from one place. We bring that into one platform with our own tools so you can capture things directly into Shareist.

Shareist allow you to plan a content strategy per project. You can get things in the content calendar all day every day, schedule some pages to be written by either yourself or team members. Get them on the calendar and get a workflow for writing. So that if you assign something to a team member, they’ll see that they’re owning it and it’s their job to provide it and create it on a due date on a calendar. So you can see the whole Content Calendar right there on the screen.

RSS feeds and other sources of content for that. That’s the research part of it. That’s to keep you reading, keep you thinking and keep you fed with ideas. Then when you find something interesting that you want to share, you can do one of two things with that content. You pull it into your inbox and it’s in Shareist for good. Then you can just share it right off to social media in a curation kind of way. That’s something that is important to realize – you don’t always have to be creating your own content. Content curation is big thing. If you’re pushing content out every day to your channel, you don’t have to write that content. You could be sharing great stuff that other people are writing and adding some value to it, A, by just sharing it and, B, by maybe adding some perspective to it.

So you create a page in Shareist and that page can be free-form like a blog or it can be a compilation of a bunch of things that you’ve found. Then when you’re finished with that page, you can publish it directly to WordPress. Sharelist has its own website if you don’t have your own. And you can even publish that page out to email service providers like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or AWeber and use this content for several purposes all without leaving this one platform because things are connected in. So you can publish to WordPress or publish an email to MailChimp without even leaving Shareist.  you can also export a page or a group of pages that you’ve created as a PDF or a .mobi file and create an e-book or a white paper out of it.

Shareist impress me much in terms of its capability where I can combine all of my accounts and have pretty much all of the functionality of social dashboards in one place at one time. This is a huge time saver because there is no need  to log into a ton of sites just to be able to share a link.  This is one of the biggest things of Shareist.

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