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Are you looking for a simple way to create an impressive web content?

Whether it’s sharing family photos or promoting a product and company. How do you actually make your creation stand out in social media without requiring a lot of digital-media expertise?

Introducing , Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use creative social app which consists of three main tools – Post, Page and Video – that will help you create a stunning social post and graphics in seconds, remarkable animated videos by combining text, images, icons,  music, sound effects and themes with your own voice over the story and amazing magazine-like web stories.

A couple of years ago, Adobe started rolling out a series of iPad-friendly apps: Adobe Voice was for animated presentations, Adobe Slate was for text-driven projects and Adobe Post was for social graphics. In May 2016 Adobe announced an official smashing of its apps with its integrated Adobe Spark, designed as a full suite of tools for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. As part of the rebranding, they’ve been renamed Spark Post, Spark Video and Spark Page, respectively.

Adobe sees Spark as serving the market of non-professional content creators — at least, for now. Aubrey Cattell, Adobe’s head of next generation products, says Spark is a kind of “next-gen Photoshop,” with “atomized apps” within one larger platform. It’s software that small business owners and active social media users will use, Cattell says, rather than pro video editors.


Spark Post let social media marketers to

  • Expeditiously edit photographs with text overlays and make designs to market content on multiple platforms.  
  • Make it easy to use and you can change type style, colors, layouts and page size, through presets or manually.
  • Cycles through styles and palettes and change themes, layouts and filters and the program intelligently adapts the design. It is intricate because you can layer images and text in order to create an overlapping effect or textures. This way you can show complexity in your work with such a simple tool.

Adobe on its blog calls Post “Adobe Magic”, and says that “anyone” can use it. Anyone with an iOS can!

Spark Page

  • Generates single-page scrolling Web pages.
  • Also handles automatic formatting quite well, and allows for some sophisticated effects like embedding a video in a picture.

Spark Video offers a

  • PowerPoint style layout.
  • Cinematic themes to choose from and each theme has its own set of background music, transitions and fonts. Changing a theme for your video is as simple as choosing one from the sidebar.
  • Limited option for user customization.

If you have your ideas and plenty of awesome images, then Spark Video will bring your story to life.

All three modules use the same sharing interface, supporting direct uploads to Twitter and Facebook.

In Spark, you can upload your own image, grab it from Lightroom, Google Drive or Dropbox, and there’s a search engine that digs up royalty-free images from Creative Commons sources – very convenient! At present, Adobe Spark and all of its options are completely free to use. Images can be downloaded clean and used however you please, and if you choose to share the image to social media from the platform, the #AdobeSpark watermark that you see while designing (below) will be removed – in return for a link back to your content.

Adobe Spark’s interface aims to make image creation as instant as possible. Enter some text, click through, and you’ll be presented with a variety of suggested themes. Selecting these themes will instantly change the look and feel of the text and image elements of your post

Spark automatically resizes any image to fit its fixed template sizes and there is no custom dimensions option.

No Undo or Redo option. No keyboard shortcuts to speed up process. Restrictive editing and formatting. Cannot upload or re-arrange multiple images in single project.

I’ve been using these apps for a while and I’m amazed at just how easy it is to create a social media-ready graphic on-the-go and immediately share it – even though I’m not a designer by training. Adobe Spark is fun and so simple to use – anyone can make compelling social media content that drives engagement.

If you’re intent on creating marketing videos, school projects, product demos, event invites, business or team reports, or just plain storytelling, here’s how to do it.

What do you think?

Try Adobe Spark yourself and let me know what you think!

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